Scientists Spot Vaquita Mother and Calf Pair

A rare sight in October 2019: Scientists spot a vaquita mother and calf. Photographs by CONANP/Museo de la Ballena/SSCS.

Scientists with the international survey mission currently underway in the waters off San Felipe in Mexico’s Upper Gulf of California have spotted a mother and calf pair of vaquita.

The sighting was made in late October and follows previous sightings of live vaquita made in August and September. It gives hope to conservationists fighting to save the species from extinction as it indicates that the species is still reproducing.

The survey is a combined effort of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), a team from the Whale Museum in La Paz (Museo de la Ballena), the Mexican Navy, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and an international team of scientists and researchers.