The vaquita has a name that may leave some people scratching their heads about its pronunciation. Fear not, cetacean enthusiasts, for we have the answer to your linguistic conundrum!

The word “vaquita” is derived from Spanish, and its pronunciation follows Spanish phonetic rules. To pronounce “vaquita” correctly, break the word down into its syllables: va-qui-ta.

The first syllable, “va,” is pronounced like the English word “va” in “vapor.”
The second syllable, “qui,” is pronounced as “kee,” rhyming with the English word “key.”
The final syllable, “ta,” is pronounced like the English word “tah.”

When you combine these syllables, the pronunciation of “vaquita” should sound like “vah-KEE-tah.” ─ And now that you know how to pronounce “vaquita”, you can talk about it! Spread the word and tell everyone you know about the vaquita and its plight!