The Annals and Magazine of Natural History (1884)


(…) In this paper I shall describe two new species – one a Shark of the genus Lamna, and the other a Cetacean of the family Delphinidae, and of the genus Neomeris.


Neomeris kurrachiensis.

The characters of the genus are: Dorsal fin none. Nose of skull short, rounded in front, flat and shelving above. Teeth numerous, compressed, nicked, acute, extending nearly the whole length of the jaw (Gray, ‘Seals and Whales,’ &e.).

Neomeris phocaenoides is the only species of the genus, and its dentition is given as 16/16 (Delphinus melas) or 20/19 on each side.

The species under notice has 18/18 teeth on each side, and there are besides a set of 3/2, which were scarcely visible through the gums, and situated out of the line of the other teeth in front of the jaws. In shape these 3/2 teeth are quite unlike the rest, being conical instead of flattened or compressed. (…)