Report of the International Whaling Commission (1983)


Catch statistics for 15 species of small cetacean are analysed, based on catch data collected for the 6 years from 1976 to 1981. Commercial catching of animals either by harpoon fishery, drive fishery, long-line fishery or small-type whaling accounts for 97.7% of the total catch. The remainder comprises incidental catches. P. dalli and S. coeruleoalba together make up about 80% of the catch. P. dalli is mainly taken in a harpoon fishery whilst S. coeruleoalba, S. attenuata, Tursiops sp., G. macrorhynchus, P. crassidens, L. obliquidens, G. griseus. P. electra, S. bredanensis and O. orca are taken by drive fisheries. N. phocaenoides is mostly taken incidentally by set nets. The harpoon fishery off Sanriku is directed at P. dalli (about 98% of the total catch) and operates from October to January. Annual fluctuations of S. coeruleoalba in the catches appear to be mainly due to variation in school size and oceanographic conditions. The southbound migration of striped dolphins into Sagami Bay seems to comprise two groups, those taken in September-October and those in November-January. The former form smaller schools than the latter.