Scientific Reports of the Whales Research Institute (1974)


This paper describes the fatty acid components of oils contained in different blubbers of Finless porpoise, Neophocaena phocaenoides. The sample oils were almost entirely triglycerides, but contained only trace amouts of sterols and sterolesters.
The fatty acid components of oils extracted from different blubbers of Finless porpoise contained chiefly C16:1 (38.39-48.89%), C14:0 (9.00-13.92%), C14:1 (8.75-12.36%) and C16:0 acids (7.22-11.80%). Although the proportion of fatty acid components contained in this experimental Finless porpoise deviated slightly from other dolphins and porpoises, and also was only a low level of iso-valeric acid which was comparatively much in dolphin and porpoise oil, the distribution pattern was comparable to those of dolphin and porpoise as reported by others.