Norsk Hvalfangst-Tidende (1964)


(…) This reports observations of odontocetes made during the summer of 1963 in central Californian waters. I made my observations aboard catcher
boats of the Golden Gate Fishing Company, Point San Pablo, California.
Information was obtained on eight different species. These are: Berardius bairdi Stejneger, Delphinus bairdi Dall, Lissodelphis borealis (Peale), Lagenorhynchus obliquidens Gill, Orcinus orca (Linnaeus), Globicephala scammoni Cope, Phocoena vomerina Gill, and Phocoenoides dalli (True).
The discussion of these species follows the arrangement of Miller and Kellogg, 1955. The ranges are listed if not mentioned in or if different from Norris and Prescott, 1961. (…)