Comments on the Delphinoidea

Fraser, F. C.
Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises [Proceedings] (1966)

(...) Flower (1883), in his search for the trenchant characters he needed to reach a decision about the arrangement of the Delphinidae, saw that the configuration of the pterygoid bones…

Variação geográfica do boto-de-Burmeister, Phocoena spinipinnis (Burmeister, 1865) (Cetacea: Phocoenidae) nas costas Atlântica e Pacífica da América do Sul

Molina-Schiller, Daniza
Doctoral Thesis - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (2006)

"Geographic variation of Burmeister's porpoise, Phocoena spinipinnis (Burmeister, 1865) (Cetacea: Phocoenidae), on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America" (Thesis content in English) A total of 142 skulls from…