Analysis of the artisanal fisheries of San Felipe, Mexico: Estimating incidental mortality of the vaquita (Phocoena sinus)

Urrutia-Osorio, M. Fernanda; Jaramillo-Legorreta, Armando M.; Rojas-Bracho, Lorenzo; Sosa-Nishizaki, Oscar
Journal of Marine Animals and Their Ecology (2015)

The vaquita (Phocoena sinus) is the most critically endangered cetacean species in the world and is a small porpoise endemic to the northern Gulf of California, Mexico. As fishing efforts…

Abundance estimates of Pacific white-sided dolphin, northern right whale dolphin, Dall’s porpoise and northern fur seal in the north Pacific, 1987-1990

Buckland, S.T.; Cattanach, K.L.; Hobbs, R.C.
Bulletin of the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission (1993)

Line transect analysis was applied to the 1987-1990 North Pacific marine mammal sightings survey data, with a regression adjustment for size-biased sampling of schools. Abundance of Pacific white-sided dolphins is…