Report on vaquita rate of change between 2011-2014 using passive acoustic data by the expert panel on spatial models

Jaramillo-Legorreta, Armando; Rojas-Bracho, Lorenzo; VerHoef, Jay; Moore, Jeff; Thomas, Len; Barlow, Jay; Gerrodette, Tim; Taylor, Barbara
Scientific Committee Meeting Documents (2015)

The Expert Panel on Vaquita Acoustic Monitoring had its second meeting on April 28, 2015 to analyze the first four seasons (2011-2014) of the acoustic monitoring program. Results indicate an…

Pingers cause temporary habitat displacement in the harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena

Kyhn, L. A.; Jørgensen, P. B.; Carstensen, J.; Bech, N. I.; Tougaard, J.; Dabelsteen, T.; Teilmann, J.
Marine Ecology Progress Series (2015)

Several studies have shown that pingers mitigate porpoise bycatch and thus pinger use is now mandatory in some fisheries—although the long-term effects of pinger exposure on porpoises have not been…

The diel rhythms of biosonar behavior in the Yangtze finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis) in the port of the Yangtze River: The correlation between prey availability and boat traffic

Wang, Zhitao; Akamatsu, Tomonari; Wang, Kexiong; Wang, Ding
PLoS ONE (2014)

Information on the habitat use of the critically endangered Yangtze finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis) is critical for its conservation. The diel biosonar behavior of the porpoise in the port…

Relative abundance of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from acoustic and visual surveys of the Baltic Sea and adjacent waters during 2001 and 2002

Gillespie, D.; Berggren, P.; Brown, S.; Kuklik, I.; Lacey, C.; Lewis, T.; Matthews, J.; McLanaghan, R.; Moscrop, A.; Tregenza, N.
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management (2005)

Boat-based acoustic and visual surveys for harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) were conducted during the summers of 2001 and 2002 in order to investigate their distribution and relative abundance in the…

Echolocation detections and digital video surveys provide reliable estimates of the relative density of harbour porpoises

Williamson, Laura D.; Brookes, Kate L.; Scott, Beth E.; Graham, Isla M.; Bradbury, Gareth; Hammond, Philip S.; Thompson, Paul M.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution (2016)

1. Robust estimates of the density or abundance of cetaceans are required to support a wide range of ecological studies and inform management decisions. Considerable effort has been put into…

A visual and acoustic survey for harbour porpoises off North-West Africa: Further evidence of a discrete population

Boisseau, O.; Matthews, J.; Gillespie, D.; Lacey, C.; Moscrop, A.; El Ouamari, N.
African Journal of Marine Science (2007)

The distribution of harbour porpoises Phocoena phocoena in southern Europe and along the Atlantic African coast is poorly understood, with tentative assessments suggesting a discrete West African population with a…