A review of cetacean and pinniped mortality in coastal fisheries along the west coast of the USA and Canada and the east coast of the Russian Federation

Barlow, J.; Baird, R. W.; Heyning, J. E.; Wynne, K.; Manford, A. M. II; Lowry, L. F.; Hanan, D.; Sease, J.; Burkanov, V. N.
Report of the International Whaling Commission (1994)

Many passive net fisheries exist along the Pacific coastlines of the USA (California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska), Canada (British Columbia) and the Russian Federation. Some incidental marine mammal mortality occurs…

A brief review of stock identity in small marine cetaceans in relation to assessment of driftnet mortality in the north Pacific

Perrin, W. F.; Brownell, R. L. Jr.
Report of the International Whaling Commission (1994)

Dolphins of several species are killed incidentally in driftnet fisheries on the high seas in the North Pacific. Information on stock identity, necessary for assessment and management of the dolphin…

Estimates of incidental marine mammal bycatch in California gillnet fisheries for July through December, 1990

Lennert, C.; Kruse, S.; Beeson, M.; Barlow, J.
Report of the International Whaling Commission (1994)

Data are reported on marine mammal mortality collected from California's gillnet fisheries for California halibut and Pacific angel shark (set net) and swordfish and pelagic sharks (driftnet) during the first…