Spatial and temporal distribution of harbour porpoises in relation to their prey

Sveegaard, S.
Doctoral Thesis - Aarhus Universitet (2011)

The population status of harbour porpoises has been of concern for several years due to anthropogenic influences, especially incidental bycatch in gillnet fisheries. Proper management of a wide-ranging species such…

Proceedings of the International Harbour Porpoise Workshop

Bowen, D.; Brodie, P.; Conway, J.; Gearin, P.; Hammill, M.; Hood, C. C.; Kingsley, M.; Lesage, V.; Lien, J.; Metuzals, K.; Palka, D.; Potter, D.; Read, A.; Rosel, P.; Simon, P.; Stenson, G.

Serious concerns have been raised regarding the status of the harbour porpoise populations in the North Atlantic and specifically for those inhabiting Atlantic Canadian waters. In 1991 harbour porpoise in…

Distribution, abundance, habitat use, and respiration patterns of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) off the northern San Juan Islands, Washington

Raum-Suryan, K. L.
Master's Thesis - San Jose State University (1995)

Boat and shore-based surveys were conducted from June to August 1991 and June to October 1992 to determine harbor porpoise distribution, density, abundance, and habitat use off the northern San…