Persistent organic pollutants and methoxylated PBDEs in harbour porpoises from the North Sea from 1990 until 2008: Young wildlife at risk?

Weijs, Liesbeth; van Elk, Cornelis; Das, Krishna; Blust, Ronny; Covaci, Adrian
Science of The Total Environment (2010)

In the European North Sea, harbour porpoises are top predators with relatively long life spans and a limited capacity for metabolic biotransformation of contaminants compared to some other marine mammal…

Proceedings of the International Harbour Porpoise Workshop

Bowen, D.; Brodie, P.; Conway, J.; Gearin, P.; Hammill, M.; Hood, C. C.; Kingsley, M.; Lesage, V.; Lien, J.; Metuzals, K.; Palka, D.; Potter, D.; Read, A.; Rosel, P.; Simon, P.; Stenson, G.

Serious concerns have been raised regarding the status of the harbour porpoise populations in the North Atlantic and specifically for those inhabiting Atlantic Canadian waters. In 1991 harbour porpoise in…