Harbour Porpoises on Horns Reef – Effects of the Horns Reef Wind Farm (Final Report)

Tougaard, Jakob; Carstensen, Jacob; Wisz, Mary S.; Jespersen, Martin; Teilmann, Jonas; Ilsted Bech, Nikolaj; Skov, Henrik
NERI Technical Report to Vattenfall A/S (2006)

The monitoring program on harbour porpoises at Horns Rev Offshore Wind Farm in the Danish North Sea, initiated in 1999, has now come to an end with collection of final…

Harbour porpoise movement strategy affects cumulative number of animals acoustically exposed to underwater explosions

Aarts, G.; von Benda-Beckmann, A. M.; Lucke, K.; Sertlek, H. Ö.; van Bemmelen, R.; Geelhoed, S. C. V.; Brasseur, S.; Scheidat, M.; Lam, F. P. A.; Slabbekoorn, H.; Kirkwood, R.
Marine Ecology Progress Series (2016)

Anthropogenic sound in the marine environment can have negative consequences for marine fauna. Since most sound sources are intermittent or continuous, estimating how many individuals are exposed over time remains…

Comparative anatomy of the bony labyrinth of extant and extinct porpoises (Cetacea: Phocoenidae)

Racicot, Rachel A.; Gearty, William; Kohno, Naoki; Flynn, John J.
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (2016)

The inner ear anatomy of cetaceans, now more readily accessible by means of nondestructive high-resolution X-ray computed tomographic (CT) scanning, provides a window into their acoustic abilities and ecological preferences.…