Northernmost records of the spectacled porpoise, Layard’s beaked whale, Commerson’s dolphin and Peale’s dolphin in the southwestern Atlantic ocean

Pinedo, Maria C.; Barreto, Andre S.; Lammardo, Mauricio P.; Andrade, Ana L. V.; Geracitano, Laura
Aquatic Mammals (2002)

The northernmost records of four cold-water cetacean species in the southwestern Atlantic are presented: the spectacled porpoise (Phocoena dioptrica), Layard's beaked whale (Mesoplodon layardii), Commerson's dolphin (Cephalorhynchus commersonii), and Peale's…

Phocoenoides dalli

Jefferson, Thomas A.
Mammalian Species (1988)

(...) Order Cetacea, Suborder Odontoceti, Family Phocoenidae. The family contains four extant genera: Phocoena, Australophocaena, Neophocaena, and Phocoenoides (Barnes, 1985). Barnes (1984, 1985) has proposed two subfamilies within the Phocoenidae.…

Phocoena dioptrica

Brownell, Robert L.
Mammalian Species (1975)

(...) The original description of the holotype of P. dioptrica was based on an unique and distinctive color pattern. The dorsal surface and upper lateral surface to just above the'…

Notes on the biology of the Burmeister’s porpoise, Phocoena spinipinnis, off southern South America

Goodall, R. Natalie P.; Norris, Kenneth S.; Harris, Guillermo; Oporto, Jorge A.; Castello, Hugo P.
Report of the International Whaling Commission (1995)

Published and new fresh and museum specimens of Burmeister's porpoise, Phocoena spinipinnis, collected prior to the recent research in Peru, Chile and Argentina, are listed and described. Distribution is from…