Phocoenoides dalli

Jefferson, Thomas A.
Mammalian Species (1988)

(...) Order Cetacea, Suborder Odontoceti, Family Phocoenidae. The family contains four extant genera: Phocoena, Australophocaena, Neophocaena, and Phocoenoides (Barnes, 1985). Barnes (1984, 1985) has proposed two subfamilies within the Phocoenidae.…

Evolution, taxonomy and antitropical distributions of the porpoises (Phocoenidae, Mammalia)

Barnes, Lawrence G.
Marine Mammal Sci (1985)

True porpoises are a morphologically distinctive and evolutionarily old group of odontocete cetaceans classified as the family Phocoenidae. They are distinct from members of the family Delphinidae, with which they…