Response to “Resilience of harbor porpoises to anthropogenic disturbance: Must they really feed continuously?”

Wisniewska, Danuta Maria; Johnson, Mark; Teilmann, Jonas; Rojano-Doñate, Laia; Shearer, Jeanne; Sveegaard, Signe; Miller, Lee A.; Siebert, Ursula; Madsen, Peter Teglberg
Marine Mammal Science (2017)

...There is, unfortunately, no unbiased way to assess the prey preference and dietary intake of free-ranging marine mammals like harbor porpoises. Although the traditional approach involving stomach content analysis of…

Reply to Flessa, K.W. et al., Comment on Manjarrez-Bringas, N. et al., Lessons for sustainable development: Marine mammal conservation policies and its social and economic effects. Sustainability 2018, 10, 2185—Holistic socio-ecological approach to promote integral public policies to preserve an endangered species: The vaquita marina

Manjarrez-Bringas, Nahieli; Aragón-Noriega, Eugenio Alberto; Beltrán-Morales, Luis Felipe; Cordoba-Matson, Michael Victor; Ortega-Rubio, Alfredo
Sustainability (2019)

...We want to emphasize that more than 90 % of our manuscript is devoted to these local fishermen perception analyses. However, in its final section, our article does refer that…