Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology (1923)


Among the collections brought back by Mr. F. R. Wulsin after a year’s stay in China are three skeletons and an entire body of the small porpoise, Meomeris phocaenoides, a species of which very little is known and but few skulls or skeletons are preserved. Almost simultaneously (Ann. mag. nat. hist., August, 1922, ser. 9, 10, p. 233) the announcement comes that another entire specimen has been received by the British Museum from Hankow, China, concerning which additional details are promised. In the meanwhile, since the opportunity has never before occurred to make direct comparison of a series of skeletons, the following notes are offered, together with such few observations on the gross anatomy as the condition of the entire specimen permitted. Thanks to the kindness of Mr. Gerrit S. Miller, Jr., I have also had for study the single skeleton of Meomeris in the U. S. National Museum (unfortunately without indication of locality) so that, in all, five skeletons are available.