The vaquita porpoise

The world's most  endangered  marine mammal

The vaquita is the world's smallest whale

An adult vaquita is only  about 5 feet long.

Vaquita only live in the Sea of Cortez, in Mexico. Its home is tiny compared to the range of other porpoises.

Vaquita have lived in this beautiful part of Mexico for millions of years.  But in recent decades, their numbers have dwindled. Today, only around 10 vaquita remain alive.

The only threat for vaquita are fishing nets. The animals become entangled and drown within minutes.

The nets that catch vaquita aren't set for vaquita. They aim to catch totoaba.

Totoaba are a large species of fish that are valued for their swim bladders. These are dried and sold on the black market in China.

All hope is not lost.

Vaquita are  surviving and  are even still reproducing.

If all gillnets disappeared, vaquita could recover.